Interview with Agmon Porat – Part 1 – Introduction

Let’s learn about Industry 4.0 ecosystem in Israel.

My name is Agmon Porat, I’m leading the Industry 4.0 Innovation Lab at UCT. UCT is a multi-national company, with about six thousand employees running in revenue, about reaching two billion dollars of gas systems and ultra-clean systems for the semiconductor led and other ultra-clean industries.

I myself am running an innovation lab focused on Industry 4.0, we invest in Augmented Reality, A.I., Robotics & smart solutions, where we give startups funding, we give them free office space, we are doing the market product fit and connecting the startup and the innovative technology with real needs that we have in our factory or in our customers. 

I constantly go and talk with innovators and startups and to see what is the top innovation algorithm is what is going to factories and seeing what kind of challenges they have. What are they implementing and what is a high part of my task is also opening the factory to bring in technologies, academia, startups, anybody who wants to evaluate technology, a manufacturing flaw. 

Hear Agmon’s thoughts on the following questions in Part 2
  • How does Industry 4.0 impact manufacturing in Israel?
  • Industry 4.0 is a trend name for up raising technologies. Can you share some light on what is hype and what is actually being used?
  • How does the government of Israel help factories to implement Industry 4.0
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