Stopping the spread of COVID-19 is the greatest task facing our world today. Yet as soon the situation is brought under control we will need to face a new challenge – how to return manufacturing back to normal.

Experts predict that large companies will not be back to ‘business as usual’ for another three to six months. To manage this potentially painful journey we need to work on a strategy now.

It is in our collective interest to prevent a recession and support the economy in every way that we can. That is why GIA Global Group has partnered with Oracle to deliver an online webinar to bring together the greatest minds, share views, and work towards solutions.


16 April 2020

at 17:00 CET

Webinar length

1.5 hours

What is the Impact on Global Manufacturing Output from the Coronavirus Pandemic

How can Smart Manufacturing help in this difficult time

External Manufacturing

quick tips to enhance partnerships and operate together in these days

Education & Industry Nudged and Pushed To Change

Luisella Giani

Luisella Giani

EMEA Industry Transformation Director
uwe kueppers

Uwe Kueppers

Senior Business Consultant and MESA EMEA Chairman
Byron Ernest

Dr. Byron Ernest

Director of Educator Development & Partnerships
Luiz Barberini

Luiz Barberini

Operations Manager - External Manufacturing Latin America